Nerm (val_valerie) wrote in twistedsign,

[006] Lost but now i am found

20 downton abbey icons for downton_20in20 + half or quarter of the requests I'm very sorry i couldn't finish them all at once. :c
+ 1 textures pack.


for downton_20in20, ROUND 1 YAAY!! i couldn't help but claim mary.


Some of the requests:





the rest of the requests are in the oven don't worry! ♥

Textures pack, contains 15 textures 10 icon sized and 5 large sized.

Download .ZIP @deviantart

i hope you like them. :)

comments are ♥
please credit val_valerie or twistedsign if you use anything.

Tags: icons, textures, tv: downton abbey, tv: game of thrones, tv: once upon a time, tv: the vampire diaries
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