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Tutorial: Emma (Ask the maker 4.0)

requested by jsfunction

this icon is pretty simple really the whole thing would be increasing the yellow in her hair and the background using selective color layers and selectively coloring them. everything else is mostly coloring. :)

1: I duplicated my base layer to make it brighter and set it to screen 100%.


2: the next step is selectively coloring her hair (using an orange yellow color) and the background using a pale yellow, and then her dress/dress belt to make it bright using ruby red and neon green.

 +  = 
the layers look hilarious on normal so set the first one to darken 30% and the second to multiply 50%.

3: add a new gradient fill layer, the default Black, White gradient style: linear, angle: 90. then set it to soft light 40%.


4: now we're gonna add adjustment layers, for the coloring.
a- Vibrance Layer: vibrance +70.
b- Gradient map Layer: the gradient looks like this:

the colors are: #6c4355, #7687a5, #467e63 and #df8429. set it to soft light, fill 50%.
c- Color fill layer: the color #c8e858. set it to softlight opacity 30%, fill 30%.
d- Selective color layer: Reds: magenta +100, Yellows: yellow +100.
e- Photo Filter Layer: Color: #e8e289, Density: 20.
f- Color Balance Layer: midtones: -19, 0, +57. shadows: -2, -24, -35. higlights: 0, 0, -22.
5: then i added this texture i think it's by deny1984 but if i'm wrong please correct me because i can't remember who it's by. i erased a lot from the middle so it looked like this (this is probably why i can't remember how it looked like or who made it):
 +  → 

6: yet more adjustment layer:
a- Levels layer: RGB: 0, 1.59, 255.
b- Brightness/Contrast Layer: brightness: 20 / Contrast : 59.
c- Gradient Map Layer: Black, White. set to normal, fill 40%.
d- Color fill layer: color: #53a65b, opacity 40% fill 40%.
e- Selective Color Layer: Yellows: yellow +36, Greens: +100 to all.
f- Vibrance Layer: vibrance +50.


7: aaand done! we're only left with sharpening, i sharpened using the high pass filter but you can use whatever way you prefer for sharpening.

I hope that it's clear enough, if you have any questions feel free to ask. c:

if you have any other requests here is my thread at ask the maker. 

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