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[004] You reel me out then you cut the string

i though that i would not finish those on time but yay!
20 inception icons for inspired20in20 round 11 good vs evil.

in my mind, i wanted to get 10 good, 10 evil. but i guess i messed up in some of them and ended up having some that are both good and evil. do not ask me how. sorcery.

1: Evil- icon: longerthanwedo
2: Evil- textures: smyra0
3: Evil- icon: v_alley
4: Evil/Good- word: lost
5: Evil- icon: fiendie 
6: Evil/good: picture: quotes-on-the-horizon
7: Evil/good- word: agressive
8: Evil/good- icon: erzsebet
9: Evil- word: dark
10: Evil- icon: azuremonkey
11: Good- icon: morpho90
12: Good- word: brave
13: Good- icon: pointblankdarcy
14: Good- icon: yoli_19
15: Good- word: light
16: Good/evil- word: reckless
17: Good- word: evil
18: Good- icon: saxify 
19: Good- word: worthy
20: Good- graphic: yoli_19

20 merlin girls icon for merlin20in20 round 29 girls vs boys

10 themes:


Five category:


Five artist choice:


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Tags: icons, movie: inception, tv: merlin
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