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[012] 52 icons + 2012 progression


this was supposed to be before 2012 ended but oh well, also it's been a while since i last made a post so i thought now would be a good time since i'm not busy today and also to clean up my icons folder! + a 2012 progression post!

[14] Teen Wolf, [1] Glee, [4] Elementary, [1] Mad Men, [6] Downton Abbey, [3] Emma (2009), [4] Merlin, [2] Game of Thrones,
[4] The Vampire Diaries, [1] Harry Potter, [2] August Rush, [4] Doctor who, [2] Once Upon a time, [2] Sherlock,
[2] Lana del rey. 


2012 Icon progression:
Thank you rocketgirl2 for the template! 

[2012 progression]

I used to over-sharpen a lot, and i made a lot of glee icons that month.
N/A: Looks like i didn't make icons this month.

I was really proud of that merlin icon i remember, it was the vibrant coloring experiment month for me.

i made some icons that month but never posted them till later idk why.



that month i was productive i made more than one batch. including theiconquest ch.1 which i was very excited for.




only one batch which was for the trope-overdosed finale, there was also turbo-rumble icons this month.
some were made for 20inspirations and a-mused but i couldn't finish. :c
Goodbye, 2012

Tags: !2012 progression, !promo, female: lana del rey, icons, movie: august rush, movie: happy potter, tv: doctor who, tv: downton abbey, tv: elementary, tv: emma 2009, tv: game of thrones, tv: glee, tv: mad men, tv: merlin, tv: once upon a time, tv: sherlock, tv: teen wolf, tv: the vampire diaries
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Very pretty! Taking #43 with credit. :D
Thank you! :3
taking 17
Thanks! :D
lovely! snagging #16
Thank you. ;w;
September is totally my favorite month, I think. Those icons are so gorgeous! I also love how you can sort of see you reigning in your coloring style as time goes on, and I think you've gotten so polished in that area. 2013 is going to be a good year for you, I can tell!

Also, all the love in the world for #42 because, holy crap, the composition and coloring in that icon; I am swooning!!
I do like some of the stuff i made in september, actually my birthday is in september so i guess i was in a good mood that month? :D
thank you so much sam! ;w;
You have improved so much and I've been a fan of your icons since I first saw them! I agree with absolutelybatty -- September is my favorite too :)
;__________; you're too kind to me, thank you! ♥
Gorgeous post all around! I love the crop on 4, the colors of 17 and 52, and the texture use in 25!
Your progression this year is fabulous - your coloring and texture use have come so far (not to mention your sharpening!). Though you don't have much for August, that month has one of my favorite selections of icons. November is also so pretty!
Thank you Caryn! :3
i'm honestly so happy that my sharpening improved because i look back at these and i'm very thankful for the sharpening tutorials i read back then. :D
Pretty coloring :)
Love your close crops !
thank you! :3
Saving #8, it's a thing of beauty!
thank you so much. <3
Gorgeous, gorgeous post!. Oh, I just love seeing new posts on your comm :3. Your coloring, crops and compositions are magnificent. I saved the Quinn one (*~*), OUAT, TVD and the icon of Hermione, because these are seriously way too pretty and I must have them 8)

Also, your icon progression is fabulous!. From May to now the progress is amazing, all the different colors, sharpening and gorgeous techniques you learned to make and work with. You are amazing <3 :)
Thank you so so much, you're too sweet! ♥
oh my it's so relieving to hear that, thank you again. :3
Oh wow, such a fantastic post - I love progression posts and I adore your icons, so this is like a double treat! :D

8 is PERFECT. Omg. The composition + the texture use + the vintagey coloring = *__________* ♥♥♥
WOW at the coloring in 8, such gorgeous greens and blues there, and your lighting in all of these is insanley gorgeous but 25 in particular stands out with the perfect light use!
I’m pretty sure I've alreasdy praised 39 and 40 somewhere but I'm still in love with them, especially the text on 39.
42 and 43 are proof that you're ace at both bright, vibrant and complex icons and muted, simpler ones. The text on 43 is totally spot on too as is the texture use. Speaking of great text use, 47 is another stunner in the batch, just look at the gorgeous muted colors, and the text is all kinds of perfect from font choice to placement and arrangement.

Looking at that progression post it's obvious that you've made HUUUUGE progress in a short time. I even like some of the older icons, the 3rd one from march is really cool tbh. But everything in August and after is just special kind of gorgeous and the overall quality just rocketed up! :)
thank you thank you thank youuuu for the amazing feedback, i really appreciate it! c: ♥ ♥
Thank you, snagging #7 will credit if used.
thanks! ♥