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2 tutorials; OUAT/Merlin

requested by dixon

tutorial #1 (Emma from OUAT):
there's is going to be a lot of coloring layers in this tutorial so don't get bored. c:

1: base preparation, i duplicated my base twice and set the first to soft light 100% and the second to soft light 50%.

2: adjustment layers time! 
a- selective color: REDS>0, -19, +93, 0, WHITES>-57, 0, -12, 0, NEUTRALS: -5, 0, +14, 0.
b- vibrance: vibrance: +50/saturation: +15
c- gradient map: gradient type: solid, smoothness 100%, two colors from #3e625c to #f8afdf set to normal 20%.
d-  color balance: midtones: +23, +1, -19. 
e- channel mixer: output channel: red, red: +105.
f- i created this layer for more contrast and set it to soft light opacity 40% fill 70%.
g- photo filter: warming filter (85) density 35%.
h- black and white gradient map on normal 30%.

3: coloring layers now, there are going to be layers for coloring a- the background, b- emma's hair, c- emma's shirt.
 +  +  +  = 
first layer set to multiply 100%, second layer set to darken 30% and third set to darken 19%.

4: the coloring seemed pretty vibrant and the challenge was "classical" so it had to be a muted coloring, the only thing left is a couple of gradient maps and gradients.
a- gradient layer: default black and white gradient, linear, angle 128.66%. set to soft light 100%. then duplicate this layer and set it's fill to 60%.
b- gradient maps: first one; solid smoothness 100% two colors from #865f59 to #f9d4b7 set to normal 50%.
second one; default b&w gradient map and set to soft light 100%. duplicate and set the fill to 20%. 
-you're only left with sharpening, i used the normal filter>sharpen>sharpen tool and set the opacity to 35%, and masked the over-sharpened bits. 

tutorial #2 (Morgana from Merlin):
this one is veeeeeeeery simple, it's mostly adjustment layers and then only a couple of coloring layers.

1: no base preparing nothing just adjustment layers:
a- brightness/contrast: brightness; 90 / contrast; 12.
b- gradient fill: b&w gradiet style: linear/ angle: 4.76. set to soft light 90% opacity 70%fill.
c- selective color: reds: +40, 0, -30, +7. yellows: -19, -25, -55, 0. whites: -100, 0, -26, 0. neutrals; +20, -10, -40, -7.
it's supposed to look like this now:
d- color balance: midtones; +50, +20, -10. shadows; +19, +13, -8. 
e- gradient fill: black to transparent, style linear, angle: 18.43. set to soft light 60% opacity 40% fill.
f- vibrance layer: vibrance: +80.

2: i though morgana's skin and hair looked pale so i added a couple of coloring layers:
 +  +  = 

3: one more gradient fill same as the first one b&w gradiet style: linear/ angle: 4.76. set to soft light 100% opacity 50% fill.
and then a final brightness/contrast layer: brightness: 10.
see? very simple, i didn't actually sharpen it because the coloring made it pretty sharp enough shhhh.
I hope that they're clear and helpful, any questions feel free to ask. c:

if you have any other requests here is my thread at ask the maker.
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